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Cutting-Mats.net launched their new, improved Web site on June 15. It has been designed to make your shopping experience quicker, easier to navigate, and more enjoyable. Features include: new search function, 7 new Mega Menus with new graphics and product descriptions, and more. For those ordering a custom cutting mat, they now offer easy selection of your custom sizes right from the Home Page. Pick your basic size, enter your custom specs and its that easy! As always, custom-cut mats are available up to 6×12 feet at no extra charge. They have also updated their self healing cutting mat section too. Shop our new site and let us know what you think.

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Brookside Design products provide you with all of your blueprint storage needs! Storage options include blueprint storage racks, mobile organizer stands, rolled document storage racks, hanging blue print wall racks, and hanging clamps. This is the perfect storage solution for the professional careers of architects, engineers, artists, and more. The complete line of Brookside Design products is professional quality, comparable to and compatible with SAFCO, Mayline, and Panhold blueprint products. Free US ground shipping and Limited Lifetime Warranty on all Brookside products.

Vis-i-Rack Rolled Document Blueprint Storage Racks contain bins for vertical storage of blueprints or other rolled documents, saving you plenty of valuable floor space! The high quality steel frame with welded posts supports up to 960 lbs of material. Each of the bins hold a whopping 60 lbs each! You can get creative, using the racks side-by-side or back-to-back, for optimal storage. The overall size of the Vis-i-Rack is approx. 84” tall, 21” wide, and 11” deep, and the rack rests on highly durable steel “feet.” Included in your purchase are wall brackets with 16” stud-spaced mounting holes, allowing you to extend the frame 1.25” off of the wall. This allows space for your chair rail or baseboard. The storage rack is finished in a long-lasting powder-coated textured black paint. The Vis-i-Rack is easily assembled with basic hand tools.

The Mobile Blueprint File Storage Stand with Hangers is an ideal product for your blueprint files that require easy and efficient mobility. This product includes 12 chrome-plated pivot hangers that swing wide to allow easy access to drawings. Uses blueprint clamps from 18” to 42” (sold separately). Maximum capacity is 1200 sheets.

You can now view and access your documents effortlessly with the Mobile Plan Center. This mobile blueprint hanging stand is an efficient and compact, top-loading rolling plan file that expands in depth and in height. Plan storage rack holds 12 blueprint hanging clamps (sold separately) that lift out for easy access. The blue print hanging rack features 4 swivel casters (two locking).

The Pivoting Blueprint Wall Storage Rack mounts directly to the wall for optimal space saving storage. This rack is securely fastened to the wall by stud-spaced mounting holes. 12 chrome-plated pivot hangers are included, providing easy access to your file. Maximum capacity is 1200 sheets. Uses blueprint clamps from 18” to 42” (sold separately).

The Drop-Lift Blueprint Storage Wall Rack extends 15” from the wall, which is ideal for areas with limited space. This storage wall rack provides storage for 12 hanging blueprint clamps (sold separately), and sheet sizes to almost any length. Maximum capacity is 1200 sheets.

All Brookside Design blueprint racks and stands include instructions for easy assembly and have a durable, powder-coated finish.

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Proud to announce that we now offer Strathmore paper and art supplies. Strathmore has kept this reputation as a supplier of fine art paper for over a century. Today, they continue to provide artists of all levels with the ideal surface for producing beautiful works of art. Strathmore products are made in the USA. – See more at: http://www.cutting-mats.net/strathmore-art-supplies.html#sthash.6FD9Q9Dk.dpuf

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Watch for our newly designed Web site coming soon!

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Easel painting is connected with an age old history of painting still very much alive for painters who chose an easel over working on the wall or the floor. This relatively unchanged painting tool has even advanced a little. Today, aluminum art displays and easels are sold side by side with traditional wooden art displays and easels.

Aluminum easels are revolutionizing easel painting with expanded functionality. In addition to state of the art mechanics, aluminum easels are more durable than wooden versions. Available in various forms and made from long lasting material, aluminum easels have quickly become a favorite tool for painters. Manufacturers offer various versions of tabletop display easels including the unique table mount design as well as the familiar standard easel design. ALuminum easels also tend to come with innovative tray designs for painting supplies.

As durable and accommodating as new aluminum easel designs have become in recent years, sometimes nothing can beat wheeling out a wooden easel. The classic feel and look of a nicely crafted wooden easy is a noteworthy benefit of selecting the traditional wooden easel. A painter is instantly connected to the great lineage of easel painting. Because wooden easels have been in use for so long, wooden easels come in a larger variety of styles than aluminum easels. Variations on A and H frames alone account for a host of options plus wooden easels for kids, mini easels, travel, tabletop easels, tabletop box easels and more are readily available from a quality art supply store.

A wide array of accessories for easels is also ripe for exploration. From easel umbrellas to easel binders, a world of customization is open to professional and novice easel painters alike.

Painters, get off the wall, get off the floor and get into easel painting now. History has perfected the easel for painters and easels have a long history of producing perfect paintings.

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There are various types and methods of blueprint file storage solutions and large document storage. Some companies offer points before making a purchase of a blueprint storage rack, any blueprint storage bags, blueprint storage cabinet, or blueprint storage box. They understand that storing blueprints safely and securely is very important. Most people want their blueprints organized for quick, easy reference and retrieval.

When you are looking for these storage solutions, the number of sheets and plan sets should be considered. This information is what is going to be stored. The growth of the collection needs to be considered as well. There is a blueprint mobile stand available. This is located near the people who use the plans very often. This stand offers quick access to hanging files. The clamps can be removed easily. The files can be laid out on a reference table or a worker’s desk.

There are different types of storage available. Flat storage, locked storage, rolled storage, and permanent storage are the storage solutions you can choose from. Some companies put locks on their drawers. Other companies build a secure area called the plan room. This depends on the volume of the prints that needs to be secured. It also depends on the amount of space the office has. Some blueprint cabinets offer fire protection as one of their features as well.

These storage solutions also include plan organizers and wire upright roll files. These solutions provide all the storage space needed for maps, tubes, plans, rolled documents, and more. This is excellent for blueprint storage, map storage, and mailing tube organizers. An office can be managed and organized. A studio and drafting room can be organized quickly and economically with these mobile upright roll files. These organizers are available in a variety of different size openings. They have durable powder coated finishes and locking casters. These storage solutions come in white or black. There are advanced organizing systems as well as blueprint storage boxes that offer durable, economical storage and organization of artwork, plans, files, and blueprints. These storage solutions provide storage racks, hanging clamps, rolled document storage racks, and stands as well.


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For a hobby or business that is constantly cutting paper and other materials with a straight utility knife or rotary cutter, cutting mats will make the job easier and more exact. The versatile mats come in a range of thicknesses as well as contain features such as self healing and custom sizes. Placed under the object to cut, these mats have grid lines to help keep the material or paper squared-up. Moreover, they offer protection to the surface, such as a table or drawing board, upon which one is working.

Quilters will enjoy having a cutting mat that contains hash lines outside the border as well as an extra-thick lines on every 5th grid. Diagonal lines can also be found on mats.

Self-healing mats are available in a thickness of 3 mm, made of 3 plies. Outer plies of a thickness of .75 mm allow for the mat to self-heal when cut with a knife. Professional quality mats are available, for those who need a non-glare medium tooth texture. These self healing mats can be found in green and black as well as translucent. The green and black mats can be turned over and used on both sides. Available in standard sizes, such as 8×12, 12×18, up to 36×48, they have hanging holes for storage when not in use. Easily cleaned, these mats have been used by :
• framers
• photographers
• graphic designers
• signmakers
• scrapbook makers
• printers
• quilters
• and others
Custom Mats
Other mats for large production areas can be found in sizes as large as 6 ft. by 9 ft. and are made of a 180-guage translucent polyethylene plastic for durability. Custom mats can be ordered with printed alignment grids as well.

Cutting mats simplify and make cutting more efficient, safer and cleaner as well as offer protection to furniture and tabletops. Easily cleaned, these lined and numbered mats are a boon to quilters/sewers, scrap bookers, framers, sign makers, artists and designers, printers and have many more industrial applications.

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There are several things to consider when buying a cutting mat, that is why this cutting mat buying guide exists. Some of the people who might need to buy a cutting mat are: drafters, architects, sewers and seamstresses, quilters, artists and engineers. Of course, anyone can purchase a cutting mat and find it very useful.

In this cutting mat buying guide will be useful tips for purchasing a cutting mat that can serve all of its needed purposes. First, it is smart to consider the different areas that need to be taken note of. These are: cutting mat type, size, thickness, texture and cleaning.

First of all there are a lot of different types of cutting mats. There are hard surface mats that self seal, and these are very rugged and rigid. On the other hand, self healing mats are thinner and a lot more flexible than their counterparts. It is wise to choose one that fits the particular needs of the user.

Next, consider the size. If the activity being preformed on the cutting mat is going to be “big,” meaning a large quilt or huge blueprints, the of course, a large cutting mat is needed. On the other hand, smaller work would be fine with a smaller mat. It does not serve any purpose to buy a huge cutting mat for small work.

Thickness is also important, because there are different types of thickness for cutting mats. Some of them have a 2 mm thickness and may be very smooth, while others are thicker, but they are rougher and more gritty on the surface. Professional grade mats tend to be thicker. Also consider the texture. A rough texture will help to hold items onto the surface, but it is difficult to get the items completely flat at the same time with a rough texture. On the other hand, a very smooth surface can give way for items to easily slide off the mat.

Lastly, it is wise to consider how hard it will be to clean a given cutting mat. To keep a mat for longer, it is a good idea to clean it periodically, but some mats are easier to clean than others. Always check the directions to make sure of the appropriate cleaning materials for any cutting mat.

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For large companies and businesses who use large documents or blueprints, it is necessary to have a safe and secure place to store these documents. That is where the Vis-i-Rack Rolled Document Storage Rack comes into play. This storage rack holds a large amount of rolled documents in one storage rack alone. The great thing is that even though it holds a large amount of documents in one rack, it takes up a very small amount of room in an office building or at home. Some architects and engineers like to have these storage racks to hold all of their past work while ensuring that it stays in safe keeping, away from water and hot air exposure, etc.

This rack is the ultimate in taking advantage of vertical space. It can organize more than blueprints too. It also holds all sorts of other large documents, such as posters. The makeup is heavy steel as well as welded posts. Altogether it can hold up to 960 pounds of material–that is a ton! Some businesses opt to have only one rack in their office, while others like to have many and to organize them in the corner of the room all next to each other.

There are some storage racks that hide the blueprints or documents behind doors, but with this model, the documents are easily accessed, because they sit snugly in their fixture right out in the open. Even though they are out in the open, they are just as safe as they would be in a cabinet or behind closed doors. Many professionals enjoy the easy access of this rack, and they like that they can see their past work in front of them while they work on current projects as well.

The Vis-i-Rack rolled document storage rack is also a great gift. Because it is an investment, it can be great for a graduating architect or businessman or woman. Sometimes there are discounts available online or in brick and mortar stores for recently graduated engineers as well. Although these types of racks can be found in many places, the best deals can be found online.

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An artist of any kind has to have a quality space to make his or her art. Because of the nature of most types of art (sculpting, drawing or illustration, painting, etc.) there are a lot of products that one must purchase for the job to get done. For example, an oil painter needs to have a canvas or board to paint on, the oil paints of course, turpentine and other thinning mediums to thin the layers of oil paint as he or she paints them onto the canvas, an easel for the canvas to be set upon, a pallet for mixing oil paints, pallet knives and of course brushes! That is a lot of items!

This is not to mention one of the key products that an artist like this would need: storage and shelves. Of course this last item is often overlooked, but imagine an art studio that had as many products as those listed above in the painter’s studio. What would it look like without a place to store all of those products (and more)? It would look like a mess!

That is why having storage like Blue Hills studio carts is such a great idea. Actually, Blue Hills studio carts are not just a great idea, they are in some ways a mandatory idea. If there is no storage, a room can get very messy very quickly.

These storage carts have a lot of great features, and there are a ton of different styles to choose from. The great thing about these carts is that they go on wheels. That means that if an artist (or anyone else using this great form of storage) needs to work in one part of the room but does not want to carry everything he or she needs item by item, the artist can simply roll the items over on the cart.

There are colorful carts, all black carts and all white carts. Each one is durable and sturdy and is made out of the highest quality of materials. Check out these storage carts online, and invest in a few of the products for a neat looking studio or other storage area.